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Why Aren’t We ‘Seeing Success’ in Teacher Leadership?

Saheli April 14, 2016 Education Comments Off on Why Aren’t We ‘Seeing Success’ in Teacher Leadership?

How long does it take before we can effectively judge the success or failure of teacher leadership? What is the timeframe before we are ready to run teacher leadership through the evaluation gauntlet and deem its worth? Last week I was wondering those very things as I read Ross Brenneman’s “State Teams See Mixed Progress” regarding Teach to Lead, and I have a few ideas as to why we are seeing mixed results.

  1. We must be realistic about the length of time needed to see results–we need to focus on the slow play, not the quick turn around.
  2. We are still thinking about teacher leadership in isolation.
  3. We are not (yet) living in a pro-public education American society.
  4. Power protects power.

[Source:- Education Week]

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