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Michael Schumacher Health Condition Latest News & Updates: German F1 Legend DYING? Latest Reports Claim Schumi Is On The Verge Of Giving Up As Health Worsens

Saheli July 9, 2016 Health Comments Off on Michael Schumacher Health Condition Latest News & Updates: German F1 Legend DYING? Latest Reports Claim Schumi Is On The Verge Of Giving Up As Health Worsens

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Oh no! Is Michael Schumacher dying? Even though official reports have remained scarce due to the ongoing media blackout requested by Schumacher’s family, latest updates are claiming that the health condition of the German racer looks grim.

It has been more than two years since the world saw the tragic skiing accident of seven-time Formula One (F1) racing champ Michael Schumacher unfolded at the French Alpine Resort of Meribel in France on Dec. 29, 2013. The accident left Schumacher in a medically induced coma for six month following the serious brain hemorrhage he sustained during the accident.

Up until now, there have been little to no official reports regarding Michael Schumacher’s current health condition. In fact, diehard Schumacher fans as well as car racing enthusiasts are waiting for the 47-year-old German legend’s anonymous fate.

Michael Schumacher’s Health Condition Deteriorating?

Since the accident, there have been several reports circulating regarding Michael Schumacher’s health condition. However, most if not all of these reports are treated as mere speculations until confirmed by Schumi’s longtime manager Sabine Kehm or his family, Parent Herald previously noted.

Recently, however, reports have claimed that Michael Schumacher’s health condition is deteriorating day by day. According to Australia News Network, Schumacher is also not showing any sign of recovery despite undergoing an intense rehabilitation program.

Michael Schumacher’s Depression

Aside from his deteriorating health condition, Michael Schumacher is also rumored to be suffering from depression after the severity of his injuries left him immobile. In fact, Sportsrageous claims that the F1 legend is having a hard time dealing with the physical and mental stress of his recovery.

“Schumi cries,” writer Giorgio Terruzi said in an article published on Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra, as per Daily Express. “And sometimes mysteriously. He cries when he hears his children, his wife’s voice, his dogs. In the silence of that room, a tear runs down his thin face at a known sound. We have a man that we usually consider unbeatable…engaged in a struggle. Inside this, we can find… There is life, enclosed in a drop; there is the strength of a man who is moved and that moves each of us. We have his tears, his senses exposed.”

Sabine Kehm Confirms Michael Schumacher’s Family’s Acceptance Over F1 Superstar’s Condition

Michael Schumacher’s health condition and recovery has been incessantly plagued with uncertainties. But during Sabine Kehm’s Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech in behalf of Schumi on May 27 at the Nurburgring, the manager told the audience that the Schumachers, headed by Michael’s wife Corinna and their two children Gina and Mick, have accepted Schumi’s condition, Ecumenical News learns.

“We have to accept it and learn to deal with it,” Kehm said, Sports Mole quotes. “We will continue to hope and do everything so that it will be different again.”

Michael Schumacher’s Diminishing Wealth Threatening Family’s Future?

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher continues to undergo an extensive rehabilitation program at a highly-secured and state-of-the-art custom built suite in his Geneva, Switzerland estate. Unfortunately, reports have claimed that the expensive healthcare costs has taken a toll on his family as Schumacher’s weekly medical expenditures are at $140,000, Morning News USA.

In spite of the fact that Michael Schumacher has earned an estimated net fortune of $800 million, his treatment and other medical expenses has pushed wife Corinna to sell their private jet and holiday home for $25 million. The reason cited, however, was not due to the spiraling healthcare costs but because of the fact that Corinna had already accepted Schumi’s condition, saying he will “never fully recover to enjoy them again,” Daily Star reports.

Is there any hope for Michael Schumacher’s recovery? Sound off below and follow Parent Herald for more news and updates.

[Source:- Parent Herald]

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