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DRS Technologies updating Bowman C4I tactical computers

Saheli April 19, 2016 Business Comments Off on DRS Technologies updating Bowman C4I tactical computers

DRS Technologies UK Ltd is to provide rugged tactical displays and computing technology upgrades to the British military Bowman C4I system for combat vehicles.

The work, worth $51 million, will be conducted by DRS Technologies UK and its U.S. parent company under a contract issued by General Dynamics UK.

“This technology will provide the British Army with a strategic advantage on the battlefield and builds on our heritage of supplying cutting-edge and proven network computing systems to the U.K. military forces,” said Peter Hurst, managing director of DRS UK. “We are proud to be able to continue to provide a tactical computing baseline for Bowman, which shares many components and a common roadmap with the successful MFoCS (mounted family of computer systems) used by the United States military.”

DRS Technologies said that equipment used in support of the MFoCS program will serve as the source of the Bowman technology upgrade, supplying computer mainboards as the key enabler.

The result: the latest in ultra-rugged, commercial-off-the-shelf technology in the form of Intel i7 multi-core CPUs, solid-state hard drives, battery technology and keyboards.


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