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Elbit demos new BrightNite helicopter vision device

Saheli May 8, 2016 Business Comments Off on Elbit demos new BrightNite helicopter vision device

a brand new machine to allow software helicopter flights in degraded visible environments has beenvalidated in Israel by Elbit systems Ltd.

BrightNite, as it is referred to as, is a multi-spectral give up-to-give up panoramic piloting solution thatgives you crucial records without delay to each eyes of the pilot, enabling intuitive flight in a head-up, eyes-out orientation in pitch darkish and other DVE conditions.

BrightNite is constructed from non-gimbaled, uncooled ahead searching infrared (FLIR) digital camera andquite sensitive complementary steel-oxide semi-conductor sensors that present an extremelyextensivefield of vision photo to a helmet-established display device.

The display is overlaid via a artificial layer that follows the contours of the panorama and 1/3-layer 3-Dventure conformal symbology to display dangers and tactical information. Elbit says helicopter group cansimultaneously experiment the whole visual view using a unmarried sensor and the synthetic display.

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