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Google plus is shutting down. What Next??

Loknath Das December 2, 2021 Technology Comments Off on Google plus is shutting down. What Next??
Google plus is shutting down. What Next??
After the facebook data Breach, Now google is also on the headlines.
On Monday, Google announced to shut down it’s google+ for the consumers.
Over 5,00,000+ google plus users data is been Compromised due to a bug.
The company will remove google plus in 10 months of time
period, Nearly on August 2019.
What’s the issue
A bug was found in the google plus which allow  third-party Developers to access the
private data of users since 2015. However, Google found and fixed the bug in march 2018.
Nearly around 5,00,000 accounts have been effected from this.
The data Includes their names, photos, location, occupation, gender.
However, After a analysis run by google they Said,
“We found no evidence that any developer was aware of this bug or abusing the API, and
we found no evidence that any profile data was misused”.

Why they chose to Close it
The reason is Simple, The google plus was made with the purpose of interacting users together and helping them in connecting with the world just like the Social media
But due to the lack of active users on google+ they chose to Close it for the Consumers.
How to download your Data, Google will later provide you the details
On how you can download your google plus data safely.
What Next
Although the company is only closing the google plus Consumer version, The enterprise version will remain open. The Company said, from now they’ll continue to focus
on the enterprise version and will launch new features built for the Businesses and the company claimed that it will be more better.


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