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Jot This Down: Post-it Celebrates 35 Years of Reminding You

Saheli March 19, 2016 Business Comments Off on Jot This Down: Post-it Celebrates 35 Years of Reminding You

Note to self: Remember that Post-its turn 35 this month.

Since it first hit office supply closets across America in the early Eighties, the ubiquitous sticky square has been a life saver for our notes, reminders, and everything in between. Who can forget the iconic “Sex and the City” breakup when Carrie Bradshaw was dumped by her boyfriend via Post-it?

But the 3″-by-3″ office staple is not just for notes (and making our desks a little more colorful).

In the years since it was first introduced, the humble Post-it has become a piece of popular culture. Murals and even life-size pixel art has been created using assorted Post-it squares. Seventy-five thousand Post-its were used on a billboard that rose above Times Square in 2005 to create the world’s largest pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Amazon is joining in on the Post-it party Friday by discounting a number of the brands products — and not just everyone’s favorite yellow sticky note.

[Source:- NBC News]

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