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Man seeks NGO help for his kids’ education

Saheli July 9, 2016 Education Comments Off on Man seeks NGO help for his kids’ education

Saliq Ansari (28) is a proud father to six children — five daughters and one son — after his wife recently gave birth to triplets (two girls and a boy) at Cama Hospital.

Though he is proud and happy with their bundles of joy, at the same time he is anxious about how he would take care of his family after his wife and kids are discharged from the hospital. He is in dire need of financial assistance to help him raise his family, and hopes that some NGO comes forward to take care of the education of the kids.

Ansari — a resident of Bhivandi, who stays in a 12X12sqft rented home — is the only earning member of the family. He drives an autorickshaw and his monthly income is around Rs9,000. He and his wife Kurshida already had three daughters Asifa (around 8), Alsabha (5) and Arsala (1). Both Asifa and Alsabha are studying in an Urdu medium school. However, the couple wants their other kids to study in an English medium school.

“When we were informed about the triplets we could do much. We even thought of abortion but it was too late. I know it will be a tough task to raise my kids, but I will do whatever I can. I drive an autorickshaw and my monthly income is very less. Along with this work I have to spend some extra time at home because my wife is alone taking care of children,” said Ansari.

He added: “It does look bad but if an NGO comes forward to help me educate my kids, it will be a great help. I can’t change the reality. We also need to find another home as the current one is very small to accommodate our family. Currently, I pay Rs1,500 for the rented house but now will have to look for a new home.”

According to a health expert, 1 in 80,000 mothers naturally conceive triplets. The Cama Hospital has a milk bank. Currently, the mother is able to feed all three babies but if needed the hospital can provide milk from the bank.

“This is a rare incidence. So far, at our public hospital we have witnessed such incidents on five occasions. In this case, all the babies are fine, our nursing staff is taking care of them round the clock. The mother will spend some more days at the hospital,” said Dr Rajashri Katke, superintendent of Cama Hospital.


[Source:- DNA]

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