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New multi-million-dollar school with the latest technology will enroll 650 students this August

Saheli August 6, 2016 Technology Comments Off on New multi-million-dollar school with the latest technology will enroll 650 students this August
It’s one of the largest of Sioux city’s new elementary schools. It also may be one of the most energy efficient.The new multi-million dollar Perry Creek Elementary will open in the fall with some new bells and whistles no other local elementary has.
As you walk through the halls of Perry Creek Elementary, it might look like any other.
But, it’s what’s in the details that makes Sioux City’s newest elementary unique.
“We’re excited to bring to this community a facility like this one, a world class facility, with rooms that are best designed for student learning, rooms that are designed for the ways students learn best today,” says Dr. Paul Gausman, superintendent.
In each classroom, there’s a focus on a team atmosphere. Desks are in groups, with students facing each other. In the hallways, student lockers are in one common area. The idea is to get students used to interaction between classes to ease the transition from elementary to middle school.
“I think the students are going to be really excited when they come in,” says Brian Fahrendholz, director of operations and maintenance. “It’s a really neat process to go through; to come into a building and it’s only new one time, so it’s really neat that they get to be the classes to come in to see the buildings first.”
Part of what makes Perry Creek Elementary so unique is the fact that not only when it opens will it have the latest technology but it will also be the first school run 100 percent by LED lights.
Perry Creek will have high grade technology in all classrooms, a brand new spacious gym, multiple outdoor playing areas, and of course, a school cafeteria.
“I am thrilled to be able to open this new school for the students and families of this neighborhood, of our new Perry Creek neighborhood,” says Amy Denney, Perry Creek principal. “It’s really, really going to be exciting.”
The school cost around $22 million and covers nearly 15 acres of land. There are still some finishing touches that need to be done, but district officials say Perry Creek will be ready for its first group of students come August.
Perry Creek will enroll students in the first through fifth grades who are all coming in from schools in the area including Clark, Lincoln and Crescent Park Elementary.
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