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4 Remarkable Raw Papaya Benefits: From Internal Cleansing to Glowing Skin

Loknath Das April 21, 2017 Health Comments Off on 4 Remarkable Raw Papaya Benefits: From Internal Cleansing to Glowing Skin
4 Remarkable Raw Papaya Benefits: From Internal Cleansing to Glowing Skin

4 Remarkable Raw Papaya Benefits: From Internal Cleansing to Glowing Skin

We clean our body every day; we brush, bathe, scrub, apply moisturisers, cleansers and sunscreens before stepping out. However, contrary to many skincare companies, your external beauty can be at its best only if the inside is looked after. No matter, how expensive your lotions and potions are, or you may be on a super supplement, but the fact remains that the body inside has to be cleansed for it to function well and look its best.

I focus on natural food that can give you a deep cleanse internally. Raw green papaya is my favourite pick. It’s a super food par excellence. Let’s see why we should add raw green papaya in our diets –

1. Powerhouse of Enzymes

We all know how good papaya is, we get a lot of this fruit in India. However, raw papaya is picked when it’s green, so it retains all its natural enzymes. It has a lot more active enzymes than its ripe version. The two power-packed enzymes of raw papaya include chymopapain and papain. Both enzymes help breakdown protein fats and carbohydrates.


2. Internal Cleanser

Quite similar to the function of a broom, raw grated papaya cleanses your colon and digestive tract of any old sludge and fecal matter. The fiber acts like an internal broom that helps anyone with chronic constipation, acidity, piles and diarrhea. The enzyme latex present in raw papaya gives your body a sparkling cleanse from the inside.

3. Powerhouse of Nutrients

A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that raw papaya has exceptional amounts of carotenoids, in fact more than carrots and tomatoes. Also, the carotenoids found in raw papaya are more bio-available to the human body.

4. Great for Problematic Skin

Since fiber in the raw fruit cleans the body internally of any toxins, eating raw papaya daily helps with skin conditions like acne blemishes and pigmentation. Green papaya has dead cell dissolving ability, hence it’s the best beauty product in your kitchen.  Make a perfect green juice with raw papaya, to give a boost to your health.

papaya juice

How to Use Raw Papaya

Try using this wonder fruit in its raw form in the following recipes –

1. Green Juice: Blend raw papaya and cucumber in a high speed blender (we blend and not juice as we don’t want to miss on the amazing fiber), and add a dash of lemon to enjoy this cooling drink.

2. Raw Papaya Salad: Most of us have tried the green papaya salad, it’s just super. Here’s a simple recipe – Raw Papaya Salad.

papaya salad

3. Super Poha: This is one of my favorite recipes for any time of the day.  Grate raw papaya, then take a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and whole red chillies. When the seeds start popping, add few curry leaves, turmeric, chilli powder, grated papaya and, and salt to taste. Stir-fry and add lemon juice and garnish with coriander, grated coconut and roasted peanuts.

4. Papaya Stuffed Parathas: Another yummy way of adding raw papaya in your meal. Just grate papaya and stuff it in your whole-wheat paratha. Enjoy the healthy version of this stuffed vegetable roti for breakfast or kids’ tiffin snack.


Enjoy the powerful punch of this protective fruit in its raw form to keep your body clean and beautiful.


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