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3 Different Security Positions To Choose From

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3 Different Security Positions To Choose From

3 Types of Security Guards and What Each Type Does

Do you love keeping people safe? If you want to help protect people but don’t want to go through the stress and strain of the police academy, then you should consider becoming a security officer. You’ll still be able to protect the people in your community while working in a career field you’re passionate about. Here are three security positions you can consider.

1. Construction Security

Construction sites lose an average of $400 million each year in stolen goods. Because of that, most sites will be eager to hire a good security officer who wants to help protect their assets.

While working as a security guard for a construction site, you can expect to do regular patrols around the construction area to ensure that gates and fences are still secure. You’ll also be given the task to look out for unexpected visitors or potential hazards, such as unsecured products or unforeseen fires.

2. Airport Security

Airports are busy places with a lot going on at one time. When you work airport security Rockford IL you can expect to see thousands of different people a day from all over the world. While most people traveling won’t pose a problem for you, the few who do cause issues will keep you on your toes.

As an airport security guard, you’ll respond to shoplifting issues from stores inside the airport, help calm unruly passengers who missed their flights and keep the parking garage safe.

3. Strip Mall Security

Anytime you have hoards of people, you will likely find great potential for problems, which means a security guard is an absolute necessity. A strip mall is one such place. Whether the strip mall is in a bustling tourist attraction or a quiet city, patrons will feel much more secure knowing that you have their back.

When you work in a strip mall, you’ll find that you stop fights that might break out, look for shoplifters, and patrol the parking lot for potential threats to patrons’ vehicles.

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