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3 Effective Cannabis-Infused for Treating Anxiety

admin September 24, 2020 News Comments Off on 3 Effective Cannabis-Infused for Treating Anxiety
3 Effective Cannabis-Infused for Treating Anxiety

Feel as if you’ve tried everything to relieve anxiety? Cannabis has been shown to treat this condition, as well as many others. These three excellent cannabis-infused products will help you relax and find your center.

1. PTS Chill Pill Capsules

PTS is a women-owned medicinal cannabis company based in Illinois. The company’s product line can be found at any quality marijuana dispensary Chicago, and it includes a wide range of interesting edibles, from capsules to tonic powders to cannabis-infused frozen popsicles. The Chill Pill capsules are meant for evening use, to unwind at the end of the day and enjoy a good book or movie. Each capsule contains a hybrid distillate coconut oil that contains THC, lavender oil and soothing chamomile extract.

2. Revolution Orange Pineapple Guava 1:1 Surp

Revolution Global is the largest producer of medicinal cannabis in Illinois, and they offer a variety of medicinal products under the direction of their subsidiary brands. This surp comes from Revolution’s Spring Lake Craft Infusions brand. Surp, slang for syrup, is meant to be a drink mixer, but it can also be enjoyed straight from the bottle. Revolution’s Orange Pineapple Guava Surp is infused with a hybrid strain, featuring a 1:1 ratio with 50mg THC and 50mg CBD.

3. PTS Cronuts #4 Disposable Pen

PTS hits it out of the park again with the Cronuts #4 Disposable Pen. It contains 300mg of PTS’ premium live resin, with 67.45% THC, .29% THCA and .16% CBD. The strain is especially loved for its pain-relieving properties, and is a favorite especially among med patients, reflecting the PTS commitment to provide quality relief to users with a variety of medical conditions.

New and experienced cannabis users alike will enjoy these great products. Whether you need relief from pain, anxiety or sleep disturbances, give each of these a shot – you’ll be glad you did.

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