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5 Essentials to Bring on Your Next Beach Getaway

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5 Essentials to Bring on Your Next Beach Getaway

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A beach vacation can be relaxing and fun. It might become a headache, though, if you aren’t prepared. Make the most of your next beach getaway by bringing along these 5 crucial items.

A Good Book

Whether you enjoy a page-turning mystery novel or a steamy romance, bringing a book to the beach can help you disconnect from the world for a minute. Getting some escape in the pages of a good book can be just the thing to help you forget your troubles.

A Waterproof Speaker

Many people love to listen to music on the beach but don’t want to damage their electronics. Thankfully, there are waterproof speakers on the market, some that can connect right to your phone using blue tooth. Kicking back to your favorite tunes while tanning on the shoreline can be as simple as hitting play on your phone.

A Healthy Snack

It’s important to keep your energy up while you’re in direct sunlight. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring nutritious snacks like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or fruit to snack on throughout the day. Plus, be sure to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. Dehydration can ruin your perfect beach day pretty quickly.

A Comfortable Chair

Beach towels are good for drying off, but a comfortable beach chair can change the game. Imagine being able to sit on the shoreline with the waves crashing at your feet. You can’t do that while laying on a beach towel.

A Wide Brim Hat

The sun is no joke, especially in southern beach tourism states like Florida. In addition to sunscreen, wearing a wide brim hat can keep you from getting sunburned so you can return to the beach every day of your vacation.

Try out these items on your next beach vacation and see if they improve your trip.

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