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Autobytel Launches Latest Video Education Series to Help Dealers Improve Customer Service and Increase Car Sales

Saheli August 3, 2016 Education Comments Off on Autobytel Launches Latest Video Education Series to Help Dealers Improve Customer Service and Increase Car Sales

Autobytel Inc. (Nasdaq:ABTL), a leading provider of online automotive services connecting consumers with dealers, today announced it has launched the fifth installment of the Autobytel Dealer Insight Series. The video education series is a quarterly training program designed to help dealers increase sales and improve the car buying experience for consumers.

The full Autobytel Dealer Insight Series is available at http://dealer.autobytel.com/dealer-training/.

“This latest video education series drills down into the behaviors and motivations of today’s car buyers and the sales practices that influence purchases and improve customer service,” said Scott Pechstein, VP, National Sales at Autobytel Inc.  “Many of the tips outlined in this series are aimed at helping dealers turn leads into showroom visits and shoppers into actual buyers and keeping more consumers in their brands, in their vehicles, and on their lots.  Ultimately, it’s about imparting advice to help dealers create lasting relationships and great experiences for their customers.”

The latest installment of the Autobytel Dealer Insight series features the following videos:

1. Understanding Mystery Leads and how to better engage automotive consumers.
2. The influences of online car buying behaviors and the value of leads.
3. Understanding lead loyalty and buying trends to sell more cars.
4. Advice to help you best manage your car leads.
5. The importance of third party automotive information and lead sources.

Following are highlights of the information contained in the Autobytel Dealer Insight Series.

  1. There is a very clear and defined process by which consumers submit leads today, so it’s frustrating for dealers to receive a Mystery Lead – or a consumer who asks “How did you get my information?”  Optimize your sales process by understanding how Mystery Leads are generated and what these customers are really telling you.
  2. There are pertinent stats and trends regarding the behaviors of today’s car buyers that help dealers understand their customers better, including time spent online during the research process, number of websites visited, purchase timeframes, and the touchpoints that influence buying decisions.
  3. Understanding the path consumers take to ultimately purchase a vehicle, including the nuances of lead loyalty or the propensity of a consumer to buy a specific vehicle for which they submitted a lead, is critical to helping dealers improve their lead management and sales processes.
  4. Today’s consumers are generally undecided about which vehicle to buy up until the week of their purchase, which makes the dealership lead management process priority one.  It’s important to know the right questions to ask, the right information and options to impart, and the right steps to follow after a lead is submitted to improve the experience and ultimately increase sales.
  5. Statistics show consumers continue to rely on third party information to formulate car buying decisions, including which brands to buy and from which dealerships to buy them.  Understanding the performance metrics of third party websites, content, and leads can help dealers have a larger branding foot print at the right place and the right time during the automotive shopping process.

To access all of the data and best practices advice offered in the Autobytel Dealer Insight Series, visithttp://dealer.autobytel.com/dealer-training/.

About Autobytel Inc.

Autobytel Inc. provides high quality consumer leads and associated marketing services to automotive dealers and manufacturers throughout the United States. The company also provides consumers with robust and original online automotive content to help them make informed car-buying decisions. The company pioneered the automotive Internet in 1995 with its flagship website http://www.autobytel.com/ and has since helped tens of millions of automotive consumers research vehicles; connected thousands of dealers nationwide with motivated car buyers; and helped every major automaker market its brand online.


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