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Choosing the Oral Surgery Route After Dental School

admin July 16, 2019 News Comments Off on Choosing the Oral Surgery Route After Dental School
Choosing the Oral Surgery Route After Dental School

In dental school, you will learn about the different branches of dentistry, including general dentistry, pediatrics, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and oral surgery. All of these specialties are unique, and there are challenges and rewards associated with each. If you are in dental school and are considering taking the oral surgery route, there are a few decisions to be made when planning your future. This includes where to continue your education and where to practice after your residency is complete.

Continuing Your Education

In order to become an oral surgeon, you must complete an extended course of study after dental school that enables you to seek oral conscious sedation certification. This extra education typically takes between four and six years and includes  rigorous academic training and a residency program. During this time, you will learn the intricacies of becoming an oral surgeon and how to safely care for your patients. Although this program of study can be intense, it is also a rewarding endeavor that you can feel pride in.

Where To Practice

There are many considerations to take when deciding where you will work after working so hard to earn your oral surgery degree. There are multiple options for employment for all types of dentists, including private practice, buying into a group practice, working for a corporation or working for the government in a state sponsored hospital setting. During school and residency, you will likely be introduced to these different settings, so it is important to pay attention to where you feel the most comfortable and also challenged.

Becoming an oral surgeon is no easy task, especially when you have just endured the rigorous training involved in dental school. However, earning your degree and helping your patients each day is a reward like no other. If you are considering oral surgery, shadow an experienced doctor to find out if it is right for you.

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