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Fool me once, shame on you Internet

Saheli April 3, 2016 News Comments Off on Fool me once, shame on you Internet

April Fools Day is the time to prank your friends to your heart’s content. However, it’s also the day when you should never, ever trust the Internet. All the major companies become evil, and prank you with big-budget jokes. So, in case you missed them, here are some of the best.

Google’s Drop Mic

This makes the top of this list not only because it’s controversial, but because it’s got minions. Google added a new “Send and Drop Mic” button to their Gmail, which sent an animated gif of a mic being dropped by the loveable yellow cuddlebugs. (A mic drop is a metaphor for getting the last word in, usually an unaswerable zinger.) Sadly, this caused a lot of people to fear for their jobs, since they sent emails to their bosses. So, Google had to withdraw it quickly and apologise. It was an awesome prank though.

Think Geek’s Sensory VR

ThinkGeek is an online retailer famous for geeky, unusual products. This April Fools, they presented a new ‘product’ that was falling-off-the-chair funny. There was a hilarious video floating around of a Virtual Reality companion product that can be used to create realistic experiences. Mauled by a Sabertooth Tiger in a game? Slap your friend’s face with the included fake cat’s paw. Come across a fire? Never fear, the Sensory VR creates enough smoke to choke you. Get the drift?

Ola Rooms

When a new Ola Room icon appeared on the Ola app, the obvious read would be that the company was going into booking hotel rooms. Until you see the accompanying video, complete with people talking about their new ‘rooms’ in cabs. They promised a room with a view, depending on where you park. Your driver doubles up as your butler, housekeeper and front desk manager.

Samsung Internet of Trousers

The Korean smartphone giant is taking wearables to a new level with a collection of pants with a few unique features. There’s Wi-Fly, saving you the embarrassment of forgetting to zip up, a Keep-Your-Pants-On mode for those situations where you may get “carried away” (Samsung’s words, not ours), Get Up! Alerts that give you electric shocks to your derriere to wake you up. The best is Fridge Lock, which instead of tightening your belt when you’re full, locks the fridge, until your mom can unlock it for you.

Duolingo Pillow

Gasp! A pillow that let’s you learn a language while you sleep. If only this were true. This is one innovation we actually wish wasn’t a prank. The informative website has loads of tongue-twisting terms to cover the fact that the pillow uses Morse code to teach you a language. Which is hilarious, because Morse code is a language itself.

Google’s Actual Reality Headset

Another winner from Google. Playing on the Virtual Reality revolution, Google made a hilarious video on a transparent pair of plastic goggles that let you experience Actual Reality. While also a prank, it does have deep undertones. The search giant encourages everyone to get out and be active, experience actual real lives.

Virgin blows off some steam

For April Fools day, Virgin wants to make your morning commute a whole lot longer with Virgin’s steam trains. Now travel in one, and if you’re willing to shovel coal, you get 25% off. Plus, they’ve got the Flying Scotsman locomotive joining their fleet soon. Toot-toot for Virgin.

Sony Proton Pack

Sure, it’s a plug for their upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, but it’s still fun, especially if you’re a fan, to see Sony release a product video of the ghostcatching weapon of legend, the Proton Pack. The names Dr Egon Spengler and Dr Gillian Holtzmann were the dead giveaway.

H&M Mark Zuckerberg Collection

Retail clothing company H&M has just announced their April Fools collection around Mark Zuckerberg.

Dress like the CEO of the biggest social network in the world with this new innovative pack. It essentially consists of one pair of jeans and six grey T-shirts. So you never waste time wondering what to wear.

YouTube SnoopaVision

Last but not the least, YouTube debuted a new way to experience their videos in 360… with Snoop Doggy Dog. You can watch several videos already online sitting under the supervision (SnoopaVision) of the famous rapper as he gives you running commentary, and his two pennies on every video. All the videos are absolutely hilarious, especially the intro video of Snoop working on this feature, and adding “gg” to the algorithm equations.

 [Source:- The Hindu]

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