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Men’s Health Can Be Seriously Impacted By Divorce

admin August 14, 2019 News Comments Off on Men’s Health Can Be Seriously Impacted By Divorce
Men’s Health Can Be Seriously Impacted By Divorce

For decades women’s mental and physical health have been studied after divorce. The result was as expected – divorce had a negative impact on women. For many, the thought to study the stalwart man was ludicrous; after all, most divorced men either remarried quickly or turned to a party lifestyle they appeared to fully enjoy. But things changed when a couple of doctors got divorced and decided to do a study on other divorced men. The results may surprise you.

Divorce and the Heart

Once the family attorney Tampa has finished his or her quest for the divorce, many men claim they are relieved. The startling statistics claim otherwise. Men are sad, lost, and frustrated after a divorce. In fact, divorced men have over a 200% higher death rate than married men. Causes of the premature death rates include stroke, cardiovascular problems, and hypertension. The study also found divorced men are ill more often with common colds, headaches, and the flu.

Divorce and the Party Life

It is true many men marry quickly after their divorce, but it is also true that many divorced men report they use drugs, pain relievers, and other pharmaceuticals to ease their agony. The study found that divorced men may party hard, sleep with multiple partners, and make more money, but they also admit to being depressed and to having occasional suicidal thoughts. Also, the number of divorced men that reported they sought psychiatric help was over 10 times that of married men.

For generations men have been seen as hardworking, non-emotional creatures that require much less care after a divorce than women. New studies are demonstrating this is just a façade. Whether the disguise is self-imposed, or if it is a societal imposition, has yet to be studied. For now, it is enough to know that men can be emotionally delicate, psychologically fragile, and lost without love. In other words, the studies are finding that men are human. Imagine that!

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