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A New Look at the Benefits of Nutraceuticals

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A New Look at the Benefits of Nutraceuticals

Whether you are looking for a dietary supplement, an organically enriched food, or a multi-mineral, chances are you are trying to maintain or improve your health. There are numerous books and articles that come out each year discussing the newest and best way to stay young and keep your vitality. Nutraceuticals are one of the newest science-backed foods used for health. Here is a look at nutraceuticals and the benefits they can provide.

What Is a Nutraceutical?

In 1989, the chairman of the Foundation of Innovative Medicine coined the term nutraceutical. The word combined “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical” into one new term defining the use of food as a medicine. For centuries written records show that Egyptians, Sumerians, and Chinese peoples have followed the advice of Hippocrates when he said, “Let food be thy medicine.”

How Are Nutraceuticals a Benefit?

It has long been known that the food you eat influences your health, longevity, and mental process. While vitamin and mineral supplements have been studied for several decades, the benefit of nutraceuticals has only recently been defined. Companies like those found at bipacnutraceutical.com have been discovered to provide the body with nutrients needed to fight hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, and various other serious health concerns. There have also been studies on how using nutraceuticals can balance the fatty acids in the body and help with long-term weight loss and chronic pain.

What Can Nutraceuticals Do for You?

You, the consumer, are in the driver’s seat when it comes to what science searches for. As more people seek a longer, healthier life, the research will look for ways to accomplish that. With individuals eating more fruits, vegetables, and plant-based foods, and supplementing their diets with nutraceuticals, who says they can’t create a world where the standard life expectancy is over 100? Consumer confidence in their ability to choose healthy food and create an active lifestyle can change the world for the better.

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