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Quality Materials for Common Pipes

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Quality Materials for Common Pipes

Pipe manufacturers make a variety of piping products for residential and commercial use. Some pipes are small and compact, and others are huge, hefty, and bulky. Raw materials drive the pipe manufacturing industry, and most companies frequently produce great supplies for a wide range of consumers using quality resources.


Steel is used to make plumbing pipes since it’s a strong, low-cost material. Raw steel is created in a variety of ways; however, the most common material combination consists of carbon and iron. A steel pipe can handle harsh temperatures because its base foundation is iron.


Brass has very distinctive characteristics as it’s made from zinc and copper. Many builders and contractors use brass piping strategically during projects in order to take advantage of its electrical and mechanical properties.


Carbon steel is a tough material that manufacturers use to make heavy-duty pipes. When carbon is produced for pipes, workers implement precise procedures using different types of alloy elements. The alloy combinations are important because certain arrangements impact

  • Tensile strength
  • Ductility
  • Hardness

Galvanized Iron

Many pipes that are used in industrial settings have a galvanized coating. Galvanized iron is made when a protective layer of zinc is coated over an iron slab. Most manufacturing plants rely on the hot-dip galvanizing method. This process involves molten zinc, and iron is submerged into this liquid when the coating is applied.

Cast Iron

All cast iron contains carbon, and the carbon content level is always more than two percent. Although cast iron is somewhat brittle, it’s still a great material for pipes.

Besides these materials, there are many more resources that manufacturers use to make residential and commercial pipes. Industrial pipes are usually made with a combination of materials. For example, a rubber lined pipe has a metal base and a layer of rubber on its interior surfaces.

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