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Rapper DMX talks about recent health scare, lifelong asthma

Saheli July 17, 2016 Health Comments Off on Rapper DMX talks about recent health scare, lifelong asthma

Rapper DMX joined The Breakfast Club on iHeart Radio Tuesday and recalled a recent health scare and the “out of body” experience he went through.

He also talked about his new album, his possible future as a pastor and how much he would love to get a Dr. Dre beat in his music.

DMX was found unconscious and without a pulse in a Yonkers parking lot in February. Police and first responders performed CPR and rushed him to a local hospital.

“I have asthma, had it all my life,” he told the Breakfast Club. DMX said he had fluid in his lungs. “This is no joke. You can die from asthma. He called the incident “an out of body experience.”

DMX said he remembers watching from above as first responders used a defibrillator to get his heart going again.

“I knew it was me. I don’t know how, but I knew it was me.”

In a raspy voice, DMX spoke of waking up each morning with God and how his “final destination or a destination” may be to become a full time pastor. “If I’m able to touch just one person then I’ve done something wonderful with my life,” he told DJ Envy and Charlamagne on the four-hour talk show that often features rappers and pop artists.

He went to discuss how he often finds inspiration for his rap lyrics on the streets and occasionally grabs a napkin and pen to write down those inspiring words. And, he said, while he has never had a Dr. Dre beat in his music, he’d love for that to happen.

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