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Semi-detached residence through Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos

Saheli May 8, 2016 Home Deco Comments Off on Semi-detached residence through Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos


Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos designed similar houses – Casa 2en1, for 2 brothers, fending off simplereplication and symmetry, houses are positioned in Burgos, Spain and designers use authenticneighborhood stone.inside, a timber staircase, collectively with walkways and high ceilings over theliving room and the dining room, hyperlink numerous flooring, selling the wealth of area and team spirit.From out of doors, the development does not replicate the addition of vertical stratum, howeverhorizontal ones. A base or “sandwich” made from concrete and nearby natural stone supports a extentthat’s reminiscent of the number one, conventional and symbolic archetype of the house, simply as it is also diagnosed by means of the collective unconscious. The pinnacle quantity is covered with easy and white limestone from the local stone quarry.
The floor ground is opened to the garden the usage of large ground-to-ceiling windows covered by means of porches, whereas the top quantity is hollowed out in a greater isolated manner. The toughcloth from the ground ground is mixed with summary windows, as well as with small flat roofs. Theareas from the ground floor examine several enclosed points from the lawn, thanks to several elementsthat, separate themselves from the square geometry of the pinnacle volume, generating open porches, at the midway from the internal and the outdoor. pics Javier Bravo Jabato

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