The story behind Brooklinen follows a now-familiar tack. After years of failing to find quality, yet reasonably priced bedsheets, the husband and wife duo of Rich and Vicki Fulop industriously decided to take it upon themselves to create their ideal set. The former finance and public relations executives went on to develop a direct-to-consumer bedding company, sourcing the finest materials at an accessible price point, and thus, Brooklinen was born.

Two years since launching, Brooklinen has carved out a clear niche for itself despite an array of other bedding companies also jostling for a piece of the market. Operating out of Brooklyn, the brand offers just two types of sheets: a long-staple Egyptian cotton percale (the Classic), and a buttery sateen weave (the Luxe). Thanks to longer fibres, Brooklinen’s sheets are spun from stronger, finer yarns, and produce a smoother fabric. Single ply yarn also results in lighter, longer-lasting sheets. Its 250 thread count cotton sheets easily upend conventional ideas of softness and smoothness, while its 480 thread count sateen options offer a more silky, yet heavier, fabric for a cosier feel.


Of course, it’s not just all about thread count either. Brooklinen’s wares come in a range of neutral colours like navy and grey, and patterns such as stripes and windowpane checks to create tasteful sleeping quarters. Designed to mix and match easily, the designs take heed of modern living practices and respect that not everyone might want a matching set.

This week, the brand has also revealed a cotton summer blanket, woven in India and decorated with graphics inspired by the architecture of canal houses in Amsterdam. Together with down-filled pillows and comforters, made from the eco-friendly Hutterite communities in Northern Canada, Brooklinen’s offerings promise to supply one’s best sleep without breaking the bank.