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Smart Machines Are Changing How We Make Things

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Smart Machines Are Changing How We Make Things

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Since the start of the industrial revolution, and truly since the first tools were used millennia ago, humans have used tools to better our lives. One of the advantages of using tools is that each advancement in technology allows the next step in tool precision. The simple wrenches present in almost any home today wouldn’t be possible without the work of the first blacksmith centuries ago, and the tools being developed with today’s technology will be eons ahead of our current abilities.

One field that has pushed the boundaries of tool precision is CNC manufacturing. The acronym stands for computer numerical control, which doesn’t give much insight into how powerful this process is. CNC manufacturing has allowed computer-controlled machines to manufacture very precisely, reproducible parts. Many of these processes used to be performed by hand, with less precision and speed. As long as the hardware and software are working well, every part will be identical to a degree that wasn’t previously possible. If the hardware or software isn’t quite right, manufacturers will need innovative support solutions Troy MI to get things on the right track again.

Some new CNC processes are working to form metals on a microscopic level, allowing parts to keep their strength while remaining incredibly light. This also keeps resource usage down, making manufacturing more efficient. This has pushed advances in the aerospace and aviation industries. As with previous advances in these fields, gains there are likely to make their way into more widespread use with time.

There are a lot of ways technology has improved our lives.  It’s interesting to think that each advance depends on the previous advances, and without the first step thousands of years ago, we wouldn’t have the modern existence we enjoy today. Who knows what the future will bring with new techniques and precision?

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