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Sugar firms up on rising demand

Saheli April 18, 2016 News Comments Off on Sugar firms up on rising demand

Prices of both varieties of sugar firmed up at the Vashi wholesale market here today due to rising demand from stockists and bulk consumers amid restricted arrivals.

Small sugar (S-30) shot-up by Rs 6/30 per quintal to Rs 3,572/3,711 from last Saturday’s closing level of Rs 3,566/3,681.

Medium sugar (M-30) also climbed by Rs 16/40 per quintal to Rs 3,662/3,802 as compared to Rs 3,646/3,762.

Following are today’s closing rates for sugar (per quintal) with the previous rates given in brackets:

Small sugar (S-30) quality: Rs 3,572/3,711 (Rs 3,566/3,681).

Medium sugar (M-30) quality: Rs 3,662/3,802 (Rs 3,646/3,762).

[Source:- PTI]

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