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Different Ways to Fix Plastic Items

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Different Ways to Fix Plastic Items

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Plastic is usually pretty durable. However, it will break at times. What is the best way to fix your plastic items? Welding plastic or using glue are some great options. However, these should be used for different items.

Welded Plastic

If you are trying to fix a large hard piece of plastic, then plastic welding might be the best option for your project. This can be used on car parts, furniture, and other big objects, clear-colored or not. However, plastic welding does not work on fiberglass and any plastics that are blended with glass. Of course, if you are not a professional welder, then it would be wise to hire someone else to do all of your plastic welding repairs. While this will cost more than doing it yourself, you will save both yourself and the item you are repairing from potential damage. The repair will most likely look better if it is done by a professional as well.

Hot Glue or Super Glue

If you are working on a smaller project, or if you do not need to the repair to last forever, then using hot glue or super glue is a much cheaper option. Hot glue and super glue work on most all types of plastic. If you are fixing a very small object, then you may want to opt for superglue, as superglue applicators are usually smaller than the tips of hot glue guns. Of course, you need to remember to be careful not to get any glue on yourself when you do this, as it can damage your skin. If you get glue on yourself, you can usually use nail polish remover to get rid of it.

To recap, welding plastic is best used for large hard plastics while hot glue or super glue is better for smaller or weaker plastics. When in doubt, use super glue. Always remember to work safely and cautiously.

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