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Surrogacy process and successful results

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Surrogacy process and successful results

Surrogacy is an effective method of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) which include the intended parents (genetically related to the baby) and the Surrogate mother (Gestational carrier). People use Surrogacy to overcome their fertility problems and have a healthy genetically related baby with the help of a woman (Surrogate) which carries the baby until the birth.

Medical Center ADONIS Family provides highly professional Surrogate Programs for everyone who wants to experience parental happiness.

Process of Surrogacy

We always provide full informational support for both sides – intended parents and Surrogate mother. The process of Surrogacy in ADONIS clinics are conducted under the control of skilled specialists, who are always in touch with the patients and ready to devote all their knowledge to the effective results of infertility treatment.

The Surrogacy process include several important stages: 

  • Egg retrieval process or donor’s egg obtaining (using of intended mother’s eggs of donor’s ones can be possible)
  • Sperm retrieval process or donor’s sperm obtaining  (using of intended father’s sperm of donor’s one can be possible)
  • IVF technique using to create an embryo
  • Embryo transfer into the uterus of Gestational carrier
  • Medical follow-up throughout the whole period of pregnancy
  • Successful delivery of healthy baby

It should be pointed out that Surrogate infertility treatment in Ukraine can be possible under the following conditions:

  • Genetic relation of the baby with the intended parents (at least one of them, the usage of one donor is possible with the medical prescription)
  • Absence of the genetic relation between the baby and Surrogate mother (the main function of the Gestational carrier is to carry the baby until successful delivery)
  • Special Surrogacy legal contract is required to establish main points between the Surrogate and intended parents
  • The whole range of parental rights are belonged to the intended parents from the very beginning of the Surrogate process, the woman who carries the baby (Surrogate) has no legal and biological rights to be considered as the mother of a baby

ADONIS provides the total support not only in the matters of medical assistance, but in Legal side with ADONIS own Legal department. Our qualified advocates will give you the sense of safety and control over the situation. Cost of Surrogacy is remaining unchanged because of the perfect filling of each Surrogate Program.

ADONIS Surrogate Programs have the best services including:

  • Total examination of the intended parents before IVF
  • Strict screening and approving of Surrogate mother
  • Cryopreservation of biomaterial (if needed)
  • Prenatal care Program
  • Medicines providing for pregnancy support
  • Safe delivery process
  • Legal aspect settle of the Surrogate process

And many other benefits of ADONIS qualitative medical assistance.

ADONIS affordability and high quality treatment process can’t be compared with Surrogacy in UK or USA cost and medical level. We ensure the best surroundings for your great results of Surrogacy infertility treatment.

Overcome infertility with ADONIS and become happy parents with a healthy baby!

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