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Saheli March 31, 2016 Home Deco Comments Off on HOW TO MAKE A DESIGNER BOUQUET FROM $30 WORTH OF BODEGA BLOOMS

As we all know, bouquets are the perfect present—whether as a thank-you, a hostess gift, or to #treatyoself. It’s one thing to buy an arrangement from a florist, but creating one yourself will lend your flowers a sweet, personal touch—and make your wallet happy too. Most bodegas, grocery stores, and farmers markets have a selection of affordable fresh flowers. Stick with the cheaper, single-flower small bunches.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Greens

These bulk out the arrangement and create depth. If you’re going to a dinner party where the flowers will be put on a table, you want the arrangement to be low and attractive from all sides. If you want something for an entryway, you are going to need some height. Pick your greens accordingly.

2. The Showstoppers

These are called “face” flowers, and they’re the main focal point of your arrangement.

3. The Complements

These are the supporting players that showcase the stars and gel with the architecture of the greenery.

When you get home, unwrap the bunches and give everything a fresh cut with a clean pair of shears. Then place them in lukewarm water while you take a moment to psych yourself up about creating an amazing piece of floral heaven.

[Source:- Elle Decor]

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