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Cohesion, a concern in modern times

Saheli May 8, 2016 News Comments Off on Cohesion, a concern in modern times

The President of the Mapuche association of Mayors in Chile, Juan Carlos Rinao, has stressed theimportance of reactivating the global movement of team spirit inside the stricken times Latin americaand the arena are currently dwelling.

A graduate of the first courses of the Latin American faculty of clinical Sciences (ELAM), Rinao instructedPrensa Latina that to rescue the ideas of brotherhood and unity, values that have been misplaced in a fewLatin American regions, were crucial.

The Chilean mayor harassed the want to seek new approaches to bolster the unity motion for theadvantage of the most deprived populations.

Marisol Molina, of the Chilean motion of harmony with Cuba, pressured the importance of safeguarding and keeping Latin the united states‘s cohesion to confront assaults in opposition to left-wing politicalsystems.

The Chilean activist praised the benefits and progress of the Cuban Revolution and highlighted theimportance of disseminating it across the world.

She also recalled the significance of maintaining team spirit in the fight towards the aggression of the imperialist press that seeks to ruin revolutionary models throughout Latin the usa.

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