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Municipal election: Key numbers at the back of the 2016 campaign

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One vote down, only about 542,457 to go. New Brunswickers will be going to the polls to elect new representatives to municipal, education and health councils on May 9.

New Brunswickers — or approximately 542,458 of them anywaycan have the danger to pick municipal politicians or participants in their nearby training and health councils on Monday.

just in case you have not been following the election campaigns carefully to your nearby regions. hereare some key numbers approximately Monday’s elections that may need to understand:

general candidates in all municipal, nearby health authority and district training council elections: 1,173
initial number of electorate: 571,800
range of electorate with a contest to vote for: 542,458
Municipal races

most people of the candidates in Monday’s election can be jogging for both mayor or a spot on their localcouncil.

There are 777 positions to fill and loads of candidates vying for the ones spots.

general candidates for the municipal elections: 1,016
overall male applicants: 738
overall lady candidate: 284
wide variety of mayoral positions: 56
general candidates for mayor: 184
overall male candidates for mayor: 141
overall lady applicants for mayor: forty three
range of councillor positions: 721
total applicants for councillors: 832
total male candidates for council positions: 597
total female applicants for council positions: 235There are 160 acclamations — 111 for councillor positions and forty nine for mayoral spots — for municipal contests throughout the province.

but there are some hotly-contested races in different communities.

Bathurst: (21 applicants for seven positions)
Miramichi (18 applicants for 8 positions)
Campbellton (17 applicants for six positions)
Memramcook (14 candidates for 6 positions)
District training council races

The future of smaller schools has been debatable challenge in recent years as district education councilswere searching at final a few buildings.

residents may be choosing who may be making those hard choices for the next four years.

quantity of DEC positions: 36
general candidates for District schooling Council positions: 102
total male candidates: 70
overall lady applicants: 32
overall acclamations: 31
regional fitness authority racesThis might be the fourth time voters have had the chance to opt for nearbyhumans to their local fitness authorities. the first election was held in 2004.

number of regional health Authority positions: 14
overall applicants for RHA positions: 55
general Horizon fitness applicants: 28
overall Vitalité health applicants: 27
overall acclamations: 2
total male candidates: 31
total female candidates: 24
The quadrennial municipal elections are a massive challenge for the province’s elections corporation.

Elections New Brunswick has revealed 1,611,250 ballots for the election.

The organization has also employed greater than 4,500 workers for election day, who may be working atone among 353 polling stations.

There can be 581 tabulation machines used among the development polls, unique polls and ordinaryelection polls.

getting ready to vote
The quadrennial municipal elections are a large venture for the province’s elections enterprise.

Elections New Brunswick has published 1,611,250 ballots for the election.

The business enterprise has also hired extra than 4,500 employees for election day, who could beworking at one among 353 polling stations.

There may be 581 tabulation machines used among the advance polls, unique polls and regular election polls.

Over the 2 days set aside for develop vote casting, 47,082 New Brunswickers confirmed up to forgedballots. that is nicely above the 39,902 advance votes solid 4 years ago.

The Albert-Westmorland place has skilled the highest voter turnout, which incorporates Riverview, Dieppe, Sackville and Memramcook.

Saint John became second with four,348 ballots forged over the 2 boost polling days.

The fewest wide variety of electorate became out in the Charlotte and Carleton-Victoria regions, with 1,049 and 1,136 votes, respectively.

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